Renting Portable Toilets Across United States Has Never Been Easier!

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It may sound confounding me being a principal chef at a reputed catering service firm taking the initiative to talk about sanitation at outdoor events. To brief about me, I have been working as a chef for almost 20 years now in Philadelphia with a famous restaurant chain. I was appointed as the Principal Chef for outdoor catering services our restaurant does for outdoor events. I have been in this position for almost a decade now and I have garnered an experience about everything that’s pertinent to outdoor events while I just got better at my culinary skills day by day.

Firstly, I must admit that outdoor events’ number has soared invincibly high in the last decade. People nowadays choose to conduct outdoor events (thanks to that thought of theirs; our business has been doing pretty well). However, the driving force behind this article from me happens to be “Sanitation” amusingly.

No matter how premium quality food we cook or how delicious cuisines we prepare for guests at an outdoor event, it is the hygiene that unseeingly makes a huge difference. As per me, good events and band events are distinguished based on sanitary arrangements.

I was the participant testimony for many such gaudily planned outdoor events that were ruined because of poor sanitation and hygiene practices in place. Portable toilets are the ones that bring in massive difference to an outdoor event. Depending on the size, duration and number of guests, every event has its own requisites when it comes to sanitation.

Owing to the requirements of an outdoor event, different types of portable toilets are available out there which can be rented. The following are the types of portable toilets to the best of my knowledge which can be hired for your outdoor event in Philadelphia.

Standard portable restrooms

Luxury mobile restroom trailers

Mobile shower trailers

ADA compliant portable toilets

VIP self-contained mobile restrooms

Standalone portable sink stations

Water holding tanks

Deluxe portable restrooms with flushing facility

There are quality porta potty rental providers in Philadelphia, especially those who not just provide different types of portable toilets but also supply other sanitary equipment like water holding tanks, mobile urinal commode, and standalone portable sink stations, etc.

With outdoor events that go official within hours of planning, it is quite important to have efficient and timely sanitation providers in place. The deployment of portable toilet units shouldn’t be delayed as I witnessed few events putting up flop shows because of the desultory and untimely availability of portable restrooms.

Especially for an outdoor wedding which is where predominantly our area of expertise lies, sanitation plays a major role in accommodating the inflowing guests. Usually, the close quarters of both bride and groom come in a few days earlier to make arrangements for a wedding. For such people, it is always suggested to have deluxe portable restroom trailers in place for their usage.

In this way, sanitation is equally important for an outdoor event as any other aspect and that comes from a chef!

Porta Potty Service Rental offers Portable toilet Rental, an affordable price for your outdoor events and parties. We provide our service to almost all the states in the United States. For More information on porta potty rental and portable toilet rental please visit, or call us 877-240-4411.

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HAHA! Here Are the Wittiest Slogans for Porta Potty Rental Companies

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After attending many septic hauling and portable restroom conventions, expositions, and trade shows around the US and having talked with a number of people in the Porta Potty Business we discovered a lot of really hilarious slogans.

Here is a list of the 13 we thought were the most hilarious and memorable:

Yesterdays’ meals on wheels

Number one in the number two business

Where your feces matters

We haul milk on the weekends

Caution: Hauling political promises

You dump we pump

Smells like money

Our business stinks but it’s picking up

No job’s complete until the paperwork is done

Satisfaction guaranteed or we’ll return for free

Your waste is a terrible thing to mind

You float ’em we’ll tote ’em

Our duty is your doody

One of the biggest advantages of portable toilet rentals is Having the ability to place a portable restroom in a multitude of locations, but there are some limitations as to where you cannot and can place your porta potty rental unit.

Follow these simple guidelines when considering where to place your porta potty rental unit.

Dry and level locations are preferred to place porta-potties.

Accessibility should be kept in mind – scattered strategically or centrally located for your wedding guests.

Also, consider the number of toilets you will need based on usage.

Keep within the reach of where food and drinks are being served.

If serving hard drinks at an event, you may need more restrooms.

Must be within 25 ft. of where a Porta Potty Service truck can park.

Make sure that proper permits for public venues are issued, in the event permits are required please contact the city in which your event is taking place.

Also, consider space limitations especially when renting toilet trailers for your construction site or special event.

Porta Potty Service’s knowledgeable technicians can guide you through how many toilets you will need for your event and our knowledgable representatives will be able to guide you with placement to ensure your next event or project which is special to you goes off without a hitch.

Also, if planning an event where crowd control or overnight site security is a must; barricade fencing, temporary chain link or dock plastic water-filled jersey barriers is a great asset that can also be handled by Porta Potty Service. Your sales executive can advise you on the best Temporary Fencing solution for your unique event and scheduling of a site consultation is necessary if needed.

The Porta Potty Service also want to create awareness as highlighted by several key elements including:

The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that 3.2 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation.

Portable washrooms save an estimated 125 million gallons of water daily.

Portable washrooms help protect natural resources from pollution and contamination.

Portable washrooms provide sanitation to an estimated 200 Million victims of natural disasters every year, where there is no or minimal access to existing sanitation systems.

Your sales executive can advise you on the best Temporary Fencing solution for your unique event and scheduling of a site consultation is necessary if needed. Call Us 877-240-4411 visit us

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Portable Sanitation Experience Enhanced by Porta Potty Rentals

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For social and corporate events held outside calls for good hospitality and warm reception for the guests. This is possible only by giving them lip-smacking food and proper sanitary services. Lovely venue settings can mesmerize the guests to a certain extent. In order to satisfy them completely clean and private bathrooms are required at the outdoor venue. For a comfortable portable sanitation experience, the mobile loos are flawless.

Organizers who love hosting outdoor parties and celebrations should hire portable restrooms to create a good image among the guests and make the event a rewarding one. Services like several toilet booths, high profile flushing potty commodes, paper towels, handwash stations, freshwater delivery, and containment pan make portable sanitation experience friendly, electrifying, and private. That coziness can be augmented by customizing the units in the same way the buyer wants them to be. There are also showers, 3 compartment sinks, clean water delivery, and cardboard dustbin container.

All modern movable lavatory units come in rich and elegant designs that complement every elegant outdoor celebration. Weddings, circuses, fairs, conferences, concerts, anniversaries, family revelries all can be arranged successfully by ordering the porta potty rentals. With the advancement of technology, the units have become more improved and advanced. Designed by skillful mechanical engineers the units have become sturdier. Owing to their light size the units can be moved easily from one place to another by the operators irrespective of being empty or filled up. Standard with Lift Hook, Standard with Sink, Unit Trailer, ADA washrooms, 2 Unit VIP Trailer are some of the popular models available at the online stores and market.

But before hiring the units acquiring comprehensive knowledge about the various products and their supplier is important. Understandings of their features and mode of operation are important. As far as the service providers are concerned, they should be trustworthy and show commitment to their renting service. There are companies that do fraudulent dealings and ask for hidden costs from the customer. Those companies that are in this business for more than 10 years are worthy of being trusted. They take online orders and offer excellent customer care services with cooperative staff. They also provide deodorizers for keeping bad smells at bay.

Once placing the order online, the units will be dispatched at the preferred location by the aid of trucks and vans. So, the outdoor venue should have access to these modes of transportation. The orders should be placed prior to 2 days before the actual occasion taking place.

Apart from the grand outdoor outings these mobile bathrooms also find application in adventurous trips and excursions like camping and trekking and sites hit by natural disasters like storms, cyclones, floods, and wildfire.

Cindy Sarah loves having a portable sanitation experience. Therefore, she loves renting portable toilets for comfort and liveliness. She recommends the Porta Potty Service rental company for all your sanitation solutions.

Porta Potty Service is an online Porta Potty Rental service provider, serving a large base of customers with the fleet of products from the basic portable restroom to the upscale portable toilet. Customers after experiencing our service accept the fact that we are second to none and never comprise in our customer satisfaction Porta Potty Rental, Call Us 877-240-4411.

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Porta Potty Rentals Making A Difference In Lifestyle Globally

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Many will not understand how porta potty rental is making a difference, and evidently they’ve never planned or been to an event where there weren’t sufficient sanitary bathroom facilities. Porta Potty rentals can make or break an event for guests; it depends on whether the event planner made accommodations to supply enough facilities for the number of guests participating. No one wants to have their guests uncomfortable, not only does it affect the guest but it reflects on the planner as well. If you are planning an event make a difference in how accommodating you are and talk with a porta potty rental company.

Porta Potty rental just isn’t making a difference with event planners and homeowners but in the commercial industry as well. Contractors, construction companies, agricultural companies all benefit by providing portable facilities to their workers. Most companies usually invest in portable toilet rentals due to regulations but a company can take a further step past regulations and a minimum unit and provide their workers with a more roomy and more equipped unit by talking with a rental company representative.

Although many companies that provide porta potty rental in NH provide a variety of models to choose from and the costs will vary between models, as well as, between companies they are making a difference in water consumption in the area. Many companies that service the New Hampshire area cut water usage by billions of gallons annually.

There are many rental companies that provide models that provide lighting and fans, as well as, heat and air conditioning. There are also companies that provide these models using solar energy technology. This cuts on energy costs which can make a difference with those companies and individuals who are interested in models providing the aforementioned features without the high utility cost.

Sanitary issues are always a concern when it comes to porta potty rentals, but a reputable porta potty rental company makes a difference when it comes to sanitation concerns. Rental company’s units are equipped with sanitizing agents to ensure the safety of users. They will also provide antibacterial hand cleaners and disposable paper seat covers at request, to ensure no transfer of germs or bacteria. They will also clean and re-sanitize the unit on a regular basis, provided you choose a reputable company.

With all this in mind, you can see how porta potty rental is making a difference. They are making a difference with businesses, with party planners, event planners, those individuals that are concerned about our energy usage, as well as, those who are concerned about the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria.

There is a wide variety of porta potty, portable toilets and portable restrooms available for New Hampshire residents and businesses.

Porta Potty Service is a complete professional Luxury Portable Restroom service based in all parts of the US and its counties. We offer our clients the most elegant, luxury restrooms at any location of their choice with professional service. Whether you are planning a birthday or company party, wedding, or music festival, large or small, we will be there to provide the highest level of luxury a portable restroom can offer. Book with the BEST to Impress your Guests!

Customers after experiencing our service accept the fact that we are second to none and never comprise in our customer satisfaction Porta Potty Rental, Call Us 877-240-4411 or log on to

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Porta Potty Rentals Making Their Way into The Regular Lives of The People

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We’ve all used a Porta John before at some point in our lives, but not everyone has ever needed to take advantage of a Porta John rental before. Why is that? Because most of us aren’t hosting events or managing venues that need to take advantage of these sorts of amenities. Yet just because you never had to rent a Porta John before in the past that doesn’t mean you won’t need to rent one sometime in the future. In fact, there are plenty of events or venues that the average person might be responsible for and need a Porta John rental or two for, such as the following, all of which are really commonplace.

Perhaps the most common time when an individual will need Porta John rental is if they are getting married. Now, of course, not every marriage ceremony is going to need a Porta John rental. Many marriage ceremonies take place indoors, at a church or a reception hall or some other public space. But there are also tons of outdoor weddings held every year. Some of these outdoor weddings are attached to a nearby space with its own facilities that are within walking distance of the ceremony or the exception, but there are plenty of outdoor wedding ceremonies that aren’t in convenient walking distance to any more fixed facilities. If this sounds like the wedding, you’re going to plan then you need to go ahead and start seriously considering Porta John rental.

Of course, if you’re planning a fancy outdoor event like a wedding you want to rent the highest quality portable toilet system you can. Thankfully you have options at your disposal with Porta John rental and you won’t be stuck with a flimsy low-quality style of porta potty that will make your guests uncomfortable. Even if your wedding is casual and your guests aren’t in casual wear it’s s still a good idea to spring for the highest quality Porta John possible simply to ensure the comfort and appreciation of your guests.

Not everyone gets married, but you don’t need to be engaged to consider porta potty rental. If you have ANY sort of outdoor event, or any sort of event in a venue without its own facilities (or whose facilities aren’t open to you and your guests) then you’ll need some sort of temporary facilities to solve this problem.

For example, let’s say you’re in a bad or you’re otherwise in the musical world. If you’re throwing your own show, or if you’re putting on a show for others, then you’re going to need to make sure the space you rent out is fully stocked and ready to receive the audience coming to see you or your friends play. The same is true if you’re putting on any event, from a fundraiser to a fair.

When it comes down to it more people will need Porta John rental over the course of their life than you’d expect.

There’s a really good chance at some point in your life you’ll need to rent a Porta Potty Rental, even if you’ve never considered doing so before.

Porta Potty Service is the best online mobile toilet service provider in the USA. They offer Portable Toilet Rentals at an affordable price for your outdoor events and parties. They provide service to almost all the states in the United States. For More information on porta potty rental and portable toilet rental please visit or call on 877-240-4411.

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