Why there are no urinals on the US Navy

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US Navy’s latest Super-carrier without Urinals is a Fail

The Unites States Navy commissioned the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford CVN 78 recently. This ship is noted for many advanced technologies on board, but what is also notable is what the ship doesn’t have.

A report from Navy Times suggests that though the Ford has an army of US’ most advanced fighters, it’s missing men’s urinals.

The Navy gave a reason that the displacement of the urinals increase pliability when it comes to relocating berthing alignments for the crew on this mammoth carrier that costs $13 Billion. According to experts, however, there are some pitfalls in this new arrangement.

The President of Public Restroom Company(PRC), Chuck Kaufman, is among those who are critical of this design change. The PRC particularizes in designing public toilets that have been used in rest areas, playgrounds, parks – just about anywhere.

Kaufman claims the Pentagon’s latest technical assessment of the next generation in urineless super-carrier reveals the warship is currently incapable of performing basic functions during routine operations. The service in the February 2017 year reportedly appealed to the secretary of the Defense, James Mattis to delay critical shock testing of the new carriers until the second ford class haul USS John F Kennedy comes available in 2024, the same stress testing which the lawmakers let the navy off the hook come to in 2017. The intensive assessment of the Ford conducted by the Office of the director of operational test and evaluation and published in 2018 along with its other 2017 technical analysis reveals poorer or unknown reliability among many of the Ford essential systems including newly designed catapults arresting gear and weapons elevators in radar.

These radars aren’t just high profile that steam less catapult but critical for the vessels in counter-terrorism and great power deterrence. The limitations could affect the ability of CVN 78 to generate sorties make the ship more vulnerable to tag or create limitations during routine operations the report states. The power or unknown reliability of these critical subsystems is the most significant risk to CVN 78. Among the most glaring problems facing the vessel those goddamned electromagnetic catapults while the Boeing FA-18 Super hornet 18G growler aircraft experienced excessive airframe stress on launches. According to the DOTE reports the Navy also identified an inability to readily electrically isolate electromagnetic aircraft launching system Emil’s and advanced arresting gear AAG components to perform maintenance a complication. That means sailors could find themselves unable to perform underway maintenance or repairs on one of the ships most critical systems.

This isn’t just real pain in the ass when something goes wrong during a sustained bombing campaign against say forces hostile to US personnel downrange in Syria it renders the whole system functionally useless. At the current reliability Ford’s cats only have a nine percent chance of completing the four-day surge and a 70 percent chance of completing a day of sustained operations as defined in the design reference mission without a critical failure that’s on a good day. With a deck full of trained sailors the Ford class was designed to reduce the manning requirements but is sensitive to manpower fluctuations, simply because the next generation technologies it embraced are not well understood.

For a ship like the Ford, which cost upwards of $13 billion, every inch of space matters tremendously.

“Why would you want the ship to be bigger just for fixtures?” said Kaufman. “You can get twice as many urinals as water closets.”

For now, the Ford will be the only Navy ship in the fleet that is entirely outfitted with gender-neutral bathrooms, said Bill Couch, a Naval Sea Systems Command spokesperson.

Regardless, urinals on aircraft carriers may be a thing of the past. For best deals and options for a mobile toilet please check out porta potty service

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Sanitation issues for womn in miltary

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There is very bounded statistics and data on how military women handle feminine hygiene habits in non-combat and combat surroundings. The mission of this research study was to explain feminine hygiene habits of women in military in normal and deployed circumstances. A non-experimental illustrative research design was used to survey questionnaire, the Deployed women Health Practice, which was created specifically for women in military to report their emotions with hygiene issues. Many important variations between normal and deployed environments were found in the areas of types of menstruation products used and in handwashing and douching habits. Non-stop education about protected feminine hygiene habits will help women in military manage better in combat field circumstances. Recommendations suggest more research on involvement strategies for hygiene management habits.
Based on the findings from this study and the review by the expert panel there is a need to provide educational training programs about feminine hygiene issues to those commanders and supervisors who operate in fixed facilities.

In addition there is a need to field test reusable menses collection devices such as tampons and pads. Use of such products would eliminate supply and waste management issues. There is a need to make more hand washing facilities, equipment and supplies available in deployed environments: prepackaged wet towels and waterless hand cleansers are examples.

Furthermore, there is a need to increase cultural sensitivity and to increase the awareness of specific feminine hygiene necessities. To accomplish this task, it is suggested that information from other cultures and ethnic groups be incorporated using a variety of strategies. For example, focus groups to identify barriers to safe hygiene practices can be conducted. This study provided assistance in the advancement of better health practices for the women in military that may also serve other women with logistical considerations or constraints. The use of douching needs to be evaluated as a possible cause of health problems, a symptom of untreated infections, and a cultural habit.

This study also found that a resupply of feminine hygiene products is needed. The information provided also demonstrated the impact that deployment and the onset of hostilities has on subsequent human performance and survival in such environments. The result of this study was that women manage their complex hygiene needs without disruption of their job performance in deployed settings.

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How to decide how many porta potty will be sufficient?

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For most of the folks, a mobile toilet is an integral part of big events or outdoor places, like national parks. In these circumstances, it makes sense to have portable toilets as the event isn’t lifelong, so permanent toilet units aren’t called for. However, these aren’t the only places where porta potties can come in handy. It isn’t rare for smaller events to also need portable toilet services. Even a particularly big house party can become more convenient with an extra toilet or two. Basically, if you are organizing an event where there will not be access to in-house toilet facilities, or if the number of indoor facilities is too low for your estimated guest attendance, then you should think about renting a porta potty. To learn more about porta potty service, click the link.

But how many mobile toilets will be sufficient? You have to take into consideration several various things while making this calculation. The first thing you need to finalize is how many guests, maximum, will be present at the event at a given time. If you’ve got 50 visitors, you’ll require one toilet, if there are 100, you’ll need two, and if you have more than 500 you will need five. The longer the event, the more restrooms will be needed which must be provided. You can assume that the visitors will need to use the toilet facilities once every three or four hours. With smaller party sizes, an extra one or two toilets will suffice, but with bigger events, the need to add more toilets is essential.

You can finalize the number of guests by considering the following conditions. Like, you also need to take into account many women will be attending the event. Based on that one or two toilets can be added to your total needs to accommodate your lady guests if they are at least half of your total attendance. Take a look at the portapotty rental service prices.

If drinks are served that will also modify your numbers. Alcohol makes people visit the loo more often (researches have revealed 30 to 40 percent more often), so the number of toilets will also need to increase if your guests will be drinking alcohol. The number of toilets you need to add will depend on the other factors involved, but you should plan for an additional 15%.

And don’t forget sanitizers. Most guests like to wash their hands after using the facilities, but this issue is often neglected when organizing outdoor toilet facilities. Check out more about porta potty service rental.

You may also need to take into account handicapped persons when making your porta potty arrangements. Of course, if you are sure that no disabled person will attend the event, such as at a private family party where you would know all the guests personally, you won’t need to make any arrangements for them. For any event that will have guests you do not know, you should be prepared to accommodate guests who are physically disabled in the form of accessible porta potty.

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The 4th of July, the celebrations and its repercussions

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Hey Guys! how’s it going? I am Guru specifically from the United States of America.

In this blog, I am going to talk about one of the biggest holidays in the United States, the 4th of July. Let’s know about how do Americans celebrate this biggest day in the country.

What is the 4th of July?

The 4th of July is America’s Independence Day. The original 13 colonies declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain on 4th July 1776 and regarded themselves as a new nation, the United States of America. After the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the US declared itself as an independent Sovereign nation, no longer under British Rule.

How is Independence day celebrated?

The 4th of July is the third biggest holiday in the US after Christmas and Thanksgiving. It’s a federal holiday, which means most people get that day off at work and some people take off the day before and the day after. Therefore many people use this time to travel to see and spend time with family. The majority of Americans have a big barbecue on this day. Typically an American Barbecue consists of hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, ribs, baked beans, corn on the cob, cornbread, macaroni and cheese, pasta salad, deviled eggs. In addition to having large barbecues, picnics, and cookouts, the 4th of July has many different parades during the day where people wave the American flag; wear red, white and blue; and dress up as historical figures in US history such as Uncle Sam and former presidents.

Many Americans also celebrate Independence day by attending baseball games which is one of the most popular sports in the USA and is also regarded as the most famous pastime by the Americans. In the evening the majority of the 4th of July festivities are concluded with firework shows. The fireworks are loud, colorful explosives that light up the night sky. The 4th of July weekend is also one of the biggest weekends for the movie industry and many Americans go to the movies during this time to see big summer blockbusters that are released. Some of the biggest hit and highest grossing movies of all time like Back to the future, Terminator 2, Men In Black, Spiderman 2, Captain America have been released on or near the 4th of July.

Fascinating facts about the 4th of July

– The 4th of July wasn’t a national holiday until 1941.
– There are 155 million hot-dogs consumed on average on the 4th of July.
– The independence was actually declared on the 2nd of July 1776 but it was officially documented on the 4th of July.
– Three presidents of the USA have died on the 4th of July.
– There are over 14000 official firework displays across the states.

It is a bigger food and drinks holiday than Christmas. More than 80% of Americans go to a cookout or picnic on July 4th and more pounds of meat and pints of beer are sold than any other time of the year including Christmas. So along with those 155 million sausages, there are around 700 million pounds of chicken consumed and 190 million pounds of red meat such as beef patties. 984.4 Million dollars was spent nationwide on beer over the holiday as well as 156 million dollars on potato chips, 147.4 Million dollars on ice creams, 16.5 million dollars on ketchup last year.

Can this year top it, I think so!

Chances are you are planning on either having or attending a barbecue or cookout party this 4th of July. If you are planning a backyard party you do not want guests going in and out of your house tracking in dirt, or even worse, relieving themselves in bushes.

Keeping guests happy and your party sanitary is a difficult task but hiring portable toilets from porta-potty direct can make it look very easy and sanitation friendly. Our event mobile restrooms suit most of your party needs small or large!

The 4th of July is a time for reflection and to honor the fallen heroes that fought and sacrificed their lives for our country, but it has also become known as the weekend that kicks off summer. Friends and families get together to attend Memorial Day Parades, go to the beach, attend concerts, gather at parks, and very often throw a 4th of July barbecue at home.

It’s important to keep in mind your restroom facilities during the 4th of July weekend. Another reason people rent event portable toilets for independence day parties is to give the “gents” a place to go and the ladies a different toilet option. Ordering one standard Porta Potty and one portable flushing toilet for the guests that appreciate the comfort of a flushing toilet. The guests will find a restroom outside more convenient than going into your private bathroom!

Check out this Independence day to rent the best suitable portable toilet solutions.

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Porta Potty Rental in Alabama

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The state has a geographic region along the Gulf of Mexico and flaunts a subtropical atmosphere with long, sweltering summers and gentle winters alongside. The state’s solitary seaport Mobile is a noteworthy United States seaport; Alabama has a standout amongst the best water-transportation facility in the Southern region. It has been said that Alabama was the first state to proclaim Christmas a legitimate occasional holiday in the mid 18th century.

Being known for its agriculture practices, Alabama has risen as an industrial grid of the territory. Its streams are essential for surge control and hydroelectric power generation. The construction and manufacturing industries are growing exponentially, which is providing employment for all classes of workers. Thus, the sanitation arrangement at the workplace is essential to shield the surrounding for unhygienic activities. If you believe in installing a porta potty unit to provide the easy access to the restroom and precise about the budget, then the Porta Potty Service is a handful option for you, contact us today at 877-240-4411 to place your order and also let us know the details of your requirement through request quote.

How much to Rent a Porta Potty in Alabama

The rental price of the porta potties differs from unit-to-unit; the proximity of the cost for standard portable restroom would be around $150 to $350 for a basic model. It may change occasionally based on the season and availability of the product but Porta Potty Service offers discounts on regular basis, thus chances that you may get the unit at a cheaper price. To know the most recent price of any variant, contact us at 877-240-4411 or request a quote.

We provide all types of units across Alabama and nationwide at an affordable price and keep in touch with you to update the possible situations for your requirement in terms of product details, delivery time, and the amenities.

Porta Potty for a Party, Birthday Celebration, Wedding Reception and Outdoor Events in Alabama

If you are planning for the weekend party, birthday celebration in any remote place around Alabama, we have the best options to arrange the restroom facility for a temporary need. The unit will be delivered to your location in the ready to use condition, paving all the basic facilities and ensuring the hygiene levels.
The Wedding receptions are memorable for everyone, if your plan involves Alabama as destination and the need of porta potty unit certain in terms of hygiene and budget, then we got some good options for you. Price ranging from low to high, the restrooms are classified in different types such as Deluxe restroom flushing, Mobile restroom trailer, Mobile Shower Trailer and VIP self-contained restroom and so on. You can speak with our customer care executive to know the product details and the applicable discounts for your region. Contact us today at 877-240-4411.

How much does it Cost to rent a Porta Potty for Construction Sites in Alabama?

Having said that constructional works and industrial developments in Alabama are shaping up to the new heights; which is expected to increase employment opportunities in the future. However, at present many companies have started recruitment process and arranging the needed facilities to ensure the safety, hygiene and healthy workplace.

Keeping the sanitation arrangement on forth, if you are intended to rent a restroom for your next project then Porta Potty Service is the best place to find your comfort at an affordable price range.
In other words, the price tag of each unit falls under different pages. If you are planning to rent a deluxe restroom –flushing then it may cost you around $250 to $550 and merely depends upon the size, features, and amenities of the unit. The unit has got recognition for its flushing feature and the lower usage of water in each flush. Many construction site owners have preferred deluxe restroom flushing unit over other variants. We have provided the product details to outline the few highlighting features; however, you can contact us at 877-240-441 to know more about the unit and pricing details.

Same day order, same day delivery in and around Alabama

Your immediate need of restroom is just a few steps ahead, we at Porta Potty Service providing the best rental options around Alabama. We are actively involved in providing the best comfort to the customer requirements in the best possible way, the same day delivery service is evident itself.

The team of experts understands the customer requirement and provides the instant options to select the unit type within the minimal budget limit. Thus, regardless of the occasion, place, and the number of units required, we will reach your doorstep with the product ordered.

Request a quote today to get the price estimation of the unit, and contact us at 877-240-4411 to get the moment response on your requirement. We work relentlessly every day to ensure the online rental easy approach for you to arrange the restroom facility within your budget limit, converse with our experts at 877-240-441 to know more about our services.



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