Calculating Number of Portable Restrooms for Rental

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For most outdoor happenings and construction projects, portable restrooms are quite important and porta potties are required for people’s comfort. Outdoor places or job sites are seen with no permanent bathrooms and mobile sanitation equipment can be installed for bathroom facilities provision. Porta potty rental companies offer portable restrooms for rental. People have to quote required count and type of units. Companies deliver movable sanitary devices to sites accordingly. Calculating the number of required units is done considering a few things.

People organizing an outdoor event or planning construction project should estimate the number of individuals’ presence on the sites. This estimation helps to order the required count of units for flawless restroom facilities provision. Each portable toilet is applicable for 10 persons ideally. For a small event celebration where 20 guests are invited, then single unit becomes sufficient, organizes can hire two units when they aim to provide queue less bathroom facilities. Porta potty rental companies’ guidance is also helpful for deciding the ideal number of potties to be rented.

Construction projects require adequate sanitation facilities irrespective of type of porta johns, but these facilities should hygienic and clean. Mobile restroom trailers are available for rent and these trailers are available in various sizes. Based on the requirement, the size is selected and hiring these trailers is ideal for large portable toilet needs. These trailers are also customized accordingly. When there is a need to provide bathroom facilities to men and women on the site using porta potty trailers, then they are customized providing separate entrance.

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