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Organizing the wedding flawlessly is the toughest job, when organized at outdoor place it more difficulty. Restroom arrangements have quite importance for occasion celebrations and for other purposes as well.

Porta Potty Service

Porta Potty Service

29/03/2023 22:01:05

Bonfire, Wine and Porta Potty Service

I absolutely love entertaining my guests, but there are a few things that I have to think about ahead of time because of us living in an old house. The main thing is that our house has an under-ground septic tank. I also don’t know how full it is nor do I ever want to know that it is full.  If I find out it is full I would have most likely discovered it because it had backed up into our beautiful bathroom and this is something I don’t ever want to happen and that’s where Porta Potty Service helped us out!

My husband, Rick, has been asking me for weeks, “When are we having a party?  When are we going to have people over?  What’s the use of a yard if we are never going to use it?” Etc, etc!  My cousin, Tabitha, was here doing an internship at the local hospital for 6 weeks and my Uncle Todd, from Wisconsin, was flying in to drive with her back home.  It was truly great having her here for 6 weeks.  The bonus was getting to see her Dad, Mom, and one of her two brothers during her stay!  We had such a great time with all of them as we ended it with a bang with a bonfire!

While having a glass of wine with my family they joked that we must get a porta-potty.  Though they were totally kidding I thought it was a perfect idea and I had my husband order one for delivery from porta-potty direct. You really aren’t sure and have so many thoughts that it is dirty, or how could I make my guests use a portable potty ever.  But, I did and I used it too!  And unbelievably it was absolutely safe, clean and spotless when it was delivered.

My Uncle came up with a sweet idea to put up a poster with a marker for guests to sign when they’re in there.  I also placed antigerm wipes, antibacterial gel, and luxury bath tissues. The children loved it, so did the Men…the ladies not so much but I know a few snuck in our indoor toilet during house tours which is totally fine. LOL!

We decided to go with a super laid back theme and simple so we decided on chips, dips, hotdogs, sodas, beers and wine. I also made a “Spike your Pop” station where guests were invited to spike their bottles of Coca Cola with Jim Bean. It was such great fun and a big hit with everyone.

I set up our camping tent in the front yard for the kids to play in.  There was a campfire, after all.  We went on a huge dollar store trip and bought a bunch of bubble station supplies, beach balls, pool noodles, and glow sticks.

We bought 26 Hershey Bars, boxes of graham crackers and bags of marshmallows for everyone to enjoy.  There’s something about roasting your own food on the fire that brings out the inner child in everyone.  One of my co-workers was so sweet and came up to me to tell that it made his night. His sweet comments made mine!

It was a memorable day and Porta Potty Service had a huge contribution to it