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Organizing the wedding flawlessly is the toughest job, when organized at outdoor place it more difficulty. Restroom arrangements have quite importance for occasion celebrations and for other purposes as well.

Rent Porta Potties

Rent Porta Potties

30/03/2023 18:45:23

Estimating The Number Of Porta-Potties Required For Your Special Event

Determining how several cellular toilets are needed at an occasion depends on numerous variables through the quantity and sex of attendees towards the availability of alcohol. Companies dealing with portable toilet hire can assist figure out the range and kind of restroom services needed for an occasion, however, it isn’t difficult to get a ballpark estimate by calculating for several factors:

Variety of attendees

Restroom calculations really should be believed employing peak day-to-day attendance. Rely on having two toilets for as much as 500 attendees additionally one toilet for every 250 further attendees.


Subsequently, find out how a lot of hours the typical attendee will be staying in the event every day.

Multiply the attendee estimate from the figures beneath:

1 hour – 1

2 hours – 1.6

3 hours – 2

4 hours – 2.2

5 hours – 2.3

6 hours – 2.4

7 hours- 2.4

8 hours – 2.5

9 hours – 2.6

10 hours – 2.7

Bear in mind to incorporate the complete time folks will be at the celebration, each within the grounds and waiting in line to enter.


It is no solution that ladies take longer to utilize the restroom than men, but until lately this issue hasn’t genuinely been addressed at occasions. Research more than the past 10 years have shown a woman requires 40% longer than a gentleman to use a restroom. Adding 15% much more chemical toilets for a function with a substantial proportion of feminine attendants should make up for this time difference.


Alcohol really does make individuals urinate a lot more: It interrupts the production of vasopressin, a hormone that controls water ranges inside the body. Add a further 15-20% far more cellular toilets if alcoholic beverages will likely be served on the occasion.


Amenities will also be necessary for personnel in the celebration. ANSI standards need one mobile toilet on-site for each full-time employee. OSHA calls for 6 toilets for the first 150 employees whether full-time or part-time, plus one toilet for every single forty extra workers.

Handicap Accessibility and Younger Children

Hiring Portable Toilets companies also offer you extra-large restrooms with handrails for your handicapped and space for parents to get with modest young children. Program on getting 1 extra-large restroom for each and every 20 normal portable toilets.

Placing everything Collectively

A female-oriented new music festival is being held for more than 9 hours. Believed peak attendance will probably be about 5,000. Alcohol will likely be accessible at the venue. Counting bands and personnel, there is going to be 400 folks operating part-time in the celebration.

Base number of toilets for attendees: 2+(4,500/2500) = 20

Number of toilets needed for nine hours: 20 x 2.6 = 52

Additional toilets needed to compensate for female attendees: 52 x 1.15 = 60

Additional toilets needed due to alcohol consumption: 60 x 1.2 = 72

72 toilets will be needed for attendees at the concert.

Toilets for staff: 6 + (400-150)/40 = 15

Total: 72 + 15 = 87

Extra-large toilets: 87/20 = 5

A total of 87 chemical toilets and 5 extra-large toilets will be needed at the festival.

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