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Organizing the wedding flawlessly is the toughest job, when organized at outdoor place it more difficulty. Restroom arrangements have quite importance for occasion celebrations and for other purposes as well.

Portable Toilet Sanitary At Your Event

Portable Toilet Sanitary At Your Event

11/04/2023 23:31:02

Guidelines to Keep Portable Toilet Sanitary At Your Event in the USA

Portable toilets are a great way to provide clean, hygienic restroom facilities to locations without suitable plumbing facilities. However, it’s important to keep them clean and comfortable until they receive complete maintenance after they are delivered. This will leave users happy and prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens.

So, if you are planning or renting portable toilet facilities, follow these tips to ensure they remain clean and sanitary.

Plan for Enough Portable Toilets

Most of us have been to events where the portable toilets have been overused; unfortunately, this is common. However, this is nearly always avoidable by planning for enough portable toilets to serve your attendees.

A good rule of thumb is to bring at least one toilet for every 100 guests. Then consider additional factors to tweak this number up, such as if there will be alcohol present or more women than men. The vendor you choose can often help you select the right number of toilets for your purposes.

Choose Convenient Locations to Place Your Portable Toilets

Now that you have chosen many portable toilets for your purposes, it is time to choose where to place them. When you are trying to keep the toilets clean and sanitary for as long as possible, it is important to place them strategically.

By avoiding putting them all in one spot, you can stagger their usage throughout the area and help your guests, too, by making sure it is never a long walk to find a bathroom.

At events, this might mean placing the largest number of toilets just inside and outside of entrances, near food vendors, and other high traffic areas. After this, place smaller numbers at lower traffic areas such as the outer limits of the event and exits.

Acquire Additional Services

The best way to keep your toilets fresh is to plan even more regular cleaning intervals. For example, suppose the portable toilets will be in use for multiple days, or there is not enough room to store the appropriate number of toilets for guests. In that case, more regular cleaning intervals are often appropriate.

These extra services generally entail more frequent cleaning and refilling of sanitary items such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and deodorant. You can have services scheduled during downtimes by planning, so cleaning does not interfere with guests.

Hire a Restroom Attendant

These are individuals tasked with staying on-site, periodically checking the toilets, maintaining them, and refilling their amenities. High-quality portable toilet providers will sometimes provide these services. However, even if it is not included with portable toilet rental services, it may be provided at an extra charge. This service can take all the worry about cleanliness off your hands.

Check Periodically

Even if you don’t have a restroom attendant, you can check the toilets periodically for sanitary conditions. For example, you can check for the amount of hand sanitizer and toilet paper, the appearance of the toilets, and garbage left in and around the toilets.

Portable toilets are an important tool for providing restroom facilities; however, they require planning and maintenance to remain sanitary. In addition, once they are in place, it is important to provide regular inspections and cleaning and refill of amenities.

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