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Organizing the wedding flawlessly is the toughest job, when organized at outdoor place it more difficulty. Restroom arrangements have quite importance for occasion celebrations and for other purposes as well.

portable toilet rentals

portable toilet rentals

29/03/2023 22:37:42

How Porta Potties Can Be of Great Service At Your Halloween Party?

Can anyone else believe that it’s September already? Where did the summer go? It just seems to have disappeared in the blink of an eye. I mean it seems like the 4th of July was a really long time ago. Or maybe it’s just me feeling this?

The reason I am bringing it up is that the other day I was out, back to shopping for school with my kids, when I saw the candy aisle already readied up for Halloween. Golden and Orange colored bags were stack-shelved with fall pumpkins and colored leaves as their decorative design.

Seriously? It is September, not October. Doncha think all that candy might become stale by the time treating or trick comes around? I mean man, come on!

Of course, then it hit me and I remembered that this year it is my turn to set up the Halloween parade for the children in my colony. A Halloween committee puts together, every year a parade and a party together for the lovely kids. In the event, the little ones get to show off their costumes, wardrobes to each other while the parents get to treated with some tasty eatables before the real celebrations begin and we all wait for the sunset to start the trek for candy. There’s yummy food and apple cider and great games like apples, bobbing. We reward the ones with the best costumes and then it is all about just having a good time, in general.

Last year it was a mess because after having delicious things to eat and drink there was no place to relieve ourselves before we took the kids around the colony. The parade usually takes place a couple of buildings away from my house. So it was really tiring that when the kids needed the restroom, I had to walk them all the way to the home and then all the way back to the parade.

This year, I plan much ahead and ordering a few portable toilets for the Halloween event. Three to Four should be enough to prevent any really long queues. Porta-Potties offer the ideal solution: trick-or-treaters can do their business before they start the Halloween trek, and no one has to open their home toilets for a bunch of unknown people.

Porta-Potties are cost-effective, sanitary and easy because all I have to do is call and order them. The Rental company drops them off, installs them and will come back to pick them up when the event is done with. And since we take a headcount each Halloween, I can estimate how many porta-potties I will have to order when I start planning this big parade event. And the great part is that if I place the order now, I am guaranteed the exact number of stalls I want for my parade and will be delivered on time.

Portable toilets at this year’s Halloween parade means that parents and their little ones can enjoy the apple cider without having to worry too much about running home to attend the nature’s calls. My Halloween plans are off to a smashing start, are yours?

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