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Organizing the wedding flawlessly is the toughest job, when organized at outdoor place it more difficulty. Restroom arrangements have quite importance for occasion celebrations and for other purposes as well.

portable toilet rentals

portable toilet rentals

29/03/2023 23:42:22

How to Keep Your Portable Toilets Warm?

Winter weather can be uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean that people won’t still need to use the restroom. Winter events, construction sites, and even camping sites all can benefit from the use of porta-potties, but there may need to be a little extra planning involved to combat the cold weather. Here are some tips to help keep your porta-potty experience more comfortable over winter.

Location Is Key

When placing your portable toilets, it’s important to choose your location carefully. You should choose an area that is accessible to users, so the ground around it should be clear of mud and snow, and easily accessible to the delivery truck. Mud and snow can make it impossible for delivery trucks to deliver, so a place close to the road is best. You should also ensure the ground is salted if ice is in the forecast. This can prevent users from slipping, and it will prevent the units from freezing to the ground.

Sunny Spots Are Best

Think about how warm you can get sitting in the sun, even when it’s cold outside. Solar warming is a helpful factor for making porta-potties comfortable to use in the winter. If possible, find a nice sunny spot to place your units. As the sun warms the outside of the unit, the internal temperature will rise.

Prevent Windy Accidents

The wind is helpful when you’re flying a kite, but it can be troublesome when you’re planning your porta potty placement. Wind chill can cause porta-potty users to feel colder than it is, and high winds can also blow over units. To avoid a potentially messy accident, place your rentals near a fence, wall, or other structure that can block most of the wind.

Avoid the Fuss with a Restroom Trailer

Our multi-unit restroom trailers can provide a spacious and secure solution for winter toilet rentals. Restroom trailers come with a number of features that can make for a more comfortable restroom experience, especially during cold weather. Additional space can be very helpful to users, who may be wearing bulky clothing to combat the chill.

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