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Organizing the wedding flawlessly is the toughest job, when organized at outdoor place it more difficulty. Restroom arrangements have quite importance for occasion celebrations and for other purposes as well.

Porta-Potties Rental

Porta-Potties Rental

30/03/2023 18:28:54

Part 2: Porta-Potties and Fascinating Truths About Them

Porta Potty Service is here to meet your portable restroom needs. We offer a variety of rental options, including porta-potties, hand wash sinks, restroom trailers, and shower trailers to ensure that your next event or project has the facilities you need. We are dedicated to high-quality products and close attention to detail. Since we are so intrigued by this phenomenon called Portable toilets let’s dig into the most fascinating aspects of a Porta Potty.

Is it possible for porta potties to be fascinating? Yes, it is!

Here is the part 2 of the fascinating facts about portable toilets that we have chosen just for you:

  1. People are not the only crowd at presidential inaugurations

It’s been reported that for Obama’s inauguration, there were 5,000 portable toilets on site. Although this seems like a large number, a bit of math reveals that even with this many toilets on site, they had their work cut out for them. The crowd of 1.8 million people required each toilet to serve the needs of 360 individuals. Our applause goes to the men and women who supply these huge events like this!

  1. Portable toilets save lots of water and protect the environment

Providing portable toilet rentals is one way that we show our desire to care for and protect God’s world through environmentally friendly and sustainable services (see our Recycling program.) The Portable Sanitation Association International reports the following facts:

45 billion gallons of fresh water are saved annually through the use of portable restrooms.

Americans use more water each day by flushing the toilet than they do by showering or any other activity.

Americans use about 100 gallons of water per day. Europeans use about 50 gallons of water per day. Residents of sub-Saharan Africa use only two to five gallons of water per day.

A running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day.

A portable toilet uses 90% less water than a conventional toilet.

  1. Realtors use portable toilets at open house events

Why go to the bother of renting a portable toilet when the house you are showing has bathroom facilities? Real estate agents and home owners have their reasons. Sometimes the home being shown does not have plumbing connected, making the home’s bathrooms unusable. A large reason the agents and owners rent a portable restroom, is simply to help ensure that the home stays in pristine condition. One thoughtless customer could ruin another customer’s impression of a home. The next time you are asked to use a portable restroom at a real estate event, don’t take it personally. Agents are only doing their job well when they order a portable toilet for an open house. If they rented a portable toilet from Porta Potty Service, then it shows that they are doing their job really well. However, we might be biased.


  1. Over or Under? The toilet paper flap debate

According to List Verse, a study that cost more than $100,000 revealed that 3 out of 4 people put the flap in the front of a toilet paper roll. People on both sides of this debate feel so strongly that their way is best, that when they see toilet paper with the flap going the wrong direction, they can’t just leave it. They take the roll off, and turn it around, so that the roll is going the “correct” direction. Next time you are using one of our portable toilets, take note of the toilet paper flap to see if your service person is part the majority class or part of the stubborn minority that still insists “under” is the proper way.

  1. Ancient portable toilets were put in tombs for use in the afterlife.

Made How reports that the first evidence we have of portable toilets dates back to the mid-fourteenth century B.C. in Egypt. The excavation of the tomb of Kha, a senior Egyption official, revealed a wooden stool with a slot in the middle and a pottery vessel beneath it to catch the waste.

  1. Sanitary toilet facilities save lives

List Verse says that a lack of suitable toilet conditions and the unsanitary environment caused by this results in 1.8 million deaths each year. Many of these deaths are children. Sanitation matters!

As a member of the Portable Sanitation Association International, we are committed to excellence. Your portable restroom will be delivered to you in pristine condition. It will have undergone a thorough cleaning and sanitizing. As a team, we take pride in offering professional and clean toilets. We are committed to running a business with integrity so that you can always rely on us to provide clean portable restrooms! This is only one of the many reasons that we are so passionate about keeping our toilet units in pristine condition through frequent, top-notch servicing. We will keep you happy with our fresh and clean portable toilet units!

Porta Potty Service is portable restroom trailers will “Make Your Potty the Life of the Party” anytime and every time! Our full-service portable restroom rental company provides services to all the counties in the entire US 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Contact today on their website www.portapottyservice.com or call on 877-240-4411 for a quote you’ll love!