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Organizing the wedding flawlessly is the toughest job, when organized at outdoor place it more difficulty. Restroom arrangements have quite importance for occasion celebrations and for other purposes as well.

Rent Porta Potties for Events

Rent Porta Potties for Events

29/03/2023 21:56:08

Remarkable Growth of Demand for Port-A-Potty in Recent Times

A recent research based on the Type (Lifting or Handling Moving Toilets, Power or Trailer Mobile Toilets), By Application (Construction Sites, Factories, Public Places), By Region and Forecast 2018 to 2025, was made to analyze the requirement and growth of portable toilets across the globe.

This study facets the global portable toilets market value for the time period ranging from 2015 to 2025. The global portable toilet market report also includes comprehensive insights into the market such as restrains, value chain and drivers. The value chain has been scrutinized in detail covering all the key stages.

The market size of global portable toilets is touted to be USD 9,851.4 million worth by the year 2025 accompanied by the rising number of outdoor events across the globe. The trend of organizing outdoor parties and other events is fast gaining momentum and due to this the need for provision of sanitation facilities at these gatherings.

Portable toilets are soon becoming one of the most useful invention providing a cost-effective and convenient solution to the ancient problem of allocating required amount of toilet facilities under varied occurrences. Portable toilets have solved its purpose in an array of circumstances. These temporarily setup toilets do not require any prior infrastructure such as source of water or sewage disposal system. Once its purpose is achieved these port-a-potties can be stored until its need arises or even relocated.

The global portable toilet market size is growing on account of the rapidly emerging portable toilet rental industry. Renting portable toilets in outdoor events offers various benefits as construction of bathrooms at locations of outdoor events is not feasible. The rental companies offer toilets for temporary usage which enable the guests at these events to meet their sanitary needs. Thus, the portable toilet rental companies are providing impetus for portable toilet market growth.

The portable toilets market size is mainly determined by lifting and handling portable toilets and power or trailer mobile toilets, of which the latter is most commonly used. The portable toilet industry research indicates the sustained dominance of trailer mobile toilets during the forecast period due to its high level of utility, mainly in the construction industry. As these toilets are relatively easier to transport across different sites, they are mostly preferred by the employers to provide their workers with hygienic sanitation facilities. The installation of mobile toilets in construction sites generate the highest revenue for the portable toilet manufacturers.

The installation of portable toilets in Europe on account of the heavy influx of tourists witnessed in this region is one of the primary factors which has led to the dominance of this region in global portable toilet market. Many sightseeing venues that have traditional bathrooms may not have enough toilets to accommodate people gathered in huge numbers. Furthermore, under various situations, portable toilets are the most affordable means to accommodate the visitors, for instance, public parks and monuments. Therefore, portable toilets provide a cost-effective sanitary solution to the tourists. All these factors have driven the demand for portable toilets and have boosted the portable toilet rental industry in Europe.

The competitive landscape of global portable toilet market is highly fragmented owing to the presence of several local manufacturers. Companies including Satellite Industries, Sanitech Toilet Hire ADCO International, PolyJohn, B&B Portable Toilets, Shorelink International, Camco Manufacturing Inc., ARMAL among others are some of the large-scale providers with a global presence.

Key segments of the global portable toilet market

Type Overview, 2014-2025 (USD Million)

  • Lifting or Handling Moving Toilets
    Power or Trailer Mobile Toilets

Application Overview, 2014-2025 (USD million)

  • Construction Sites
    Public Places

Regional Overview, 2014-2025 (USD million)

  • North America
    Rest of Europe
    Asia Pacific
    Southeast Asia
    Rest of Asia-Pacific
    Latin America
    Rest of Latin America
    Middle East & Africa
    Rest of Middle East & Africa