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portable toilet rentals and sanitation solutions

portable toilet rentals and sanitation solutions

29/03/2023 21:51:17

Sanitation issues for Women in Miltary

There is very bounded statistics and data on how military women handle feminine hygiene habits in non-combat and combat surroundings. The mission of this research study was to explain feminine hygiene habits of women in military in normal and deployed circumstances. A non-experimental illustrative research design was used to survey questionnaire, the Deployed women Health Practice, which was created specifically for women in military to report their emotions with hygiene issues. Many important variations between normal and deployed environments were found in the areas of types of menstruation products used and in handwashing and douching habits. Non-stop education about protected feminine hygiene habits will help women in military manage better in combat field circumstances. Recommendations suggest more research on involvement strategies for hygiene management habits.

Based on the findings from this study and the review by the expert panel there is a need to provide educational training programs about feminine hygiene issues to those commanders and supervisors who operate in fixed facilities.

In addition there is a need to field test reusable menses collection devices such as tampons and pads. Use of such products would eliminate supply and waste management issues. There is a need to make more hand washing facilities, equipment and supplies available in deployed environments: prepackaged wet towels and waterless hand cleansers are examples.

Furthermore, there is a need to increase cultural sensitivity and to increase the awareness of specific feminine hygiene necessities. To accomplish this task, it is suggested that information from other cultures and ethnic groups be incorporated using a variety of strategies. For example, focus groups to identify barriers to safe hygiene practices can be conducted. This study provided assistance in the advancement of better health practices for the women in military that may also serve other women with logistical considerations or constraints. The use of douching needs to be evaluated as a possible cause of health problems, a symptom of untreated infections, and a cultural habit.

This study also found that a resupply of feminine hygiene products is needed. The information provided also demonstrated the impact that deployment and the onset of hostilities has on subsequent human performance and survival in such environments. The result of this study was that women manage their complex hygiene needs without disruption of their job performance in deployed settings.

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