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Porta Potties at Road Construction Sites

Porta Potties at Road Construction Sites

29/03/2023 22:38:47

The Importance of Porta Potties at Road Construction Sites

The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) uncompromisingly monitors compliance with rules regarding initiatives in place to ensure the well-being and safety of the workers.

The Osha Porta Potty Agreement

In the ongoing road and interstate highways construction projects, exposure to a wide range of elements and tasks threaten the lives of the laborers. Some of the menial tasks that construction laborers undertake as part of their construction works are laying underground pipes for drainage, building manholes and as well as removing dangerous wastes. The more experienced workers handle heavy equipment and also handle explosives to prepare a job site for building roads and tunnels. The most usual threats to the safety of both skilled and amateur workers are highway or road caused by wayward irresponsible road users, drunk drivers and speeding vehicles.

In view of hazardous accidents arising from such unfortunate working conditions, the inspectors of OSHA regularly visit construction sites particularly those that deal with the building of infrastructures. Some of the few project managers for these construction projects try to cut down on costs, by showing off the OSHA requirements compliance, until the code inspector of the local building has conducted the routine inspection for site pre-approval. Thereafter, the number of Porta-potties, for one, will not increase even when more workers are recruited by the construction company construction activities start in full swing.

Only a few construction site workers are well-informed about their basic rights, and could more likely complain to the OSHA about the lack of proper sanitation facilities. Hence OSHA inspectors will again visit the site to verify the complaint’s genuineness before serving the construction company with a notification of their violation. In a few cases, the OSHA inspector will unveil more violations in addition to the complaint received regarding the lack of toilet facilities, during the further rounds of inspection.

Though situated in outdoor areas, road and highway constructions still have to comply with the regulations for toilet sanitation facilities. If the portable toilets do not include a sink, such provisions should include a hand-washing station. Some Porta Potties have a flushing system operated by foot so as to prevent the workers from touching unclean surfaces inside the toilet. Shower stalls or even hand washing stations allow workers to clean themselves up, after a long sweaty day at the construction site handling work that consists of hazardous or germ-carrying materials and substances.

Toilets are the appropriate receptacles for human wastes and they ensure proper disposal too. Or else, the local Environmental Protection Department will be informed by the OSHA which is the government unit that looks after the protection of the natural resources. Improper or/and excessive disposal of human waste can degrade the quality of the soil but also poses harm to the health of the workers. Water pollution can hence be caused if water runoffs carry the waste materials to canals, streams, and rivers.

Construction companies could encounter serious issues problems not only with the OSHA but also with many other governmental agencies by not observing basic regulations. This is the outcome of the statistical records of past incidences and accidents, which led to conclusions that construction sites are one of the most hazardous workplaces.

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