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Organizing the wedding flawlessly is the toughest job, when organized at outdoor place it more difficulty. Restroom arrangements have quite importance for occasion celebrations and for other purposes as well.

Porta Potty Service

Porta Potty Service

12/04/2023 16:43:06

Why Porta Potty Service’s Bathroom Trailer Rentals Are Top-Rated In The Film Industry?

Americans love the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, but the production crew is all about business on the set. The demands of shooting films, commercials, and tv shows can be intense, so they want all the comforts they can get when away from home. They also want trustworthy business partners who will deliver on promises, which is why Porta Potty Service’s bathroom trailer rentals are top-rated by them.

Why Choose Porta Potty Service’s Bathroom Trailer Rentals?

As film and television production is expanding to new and sometimes isolated places, Hollywood is always looking for the next big thing to get the picture-perfect shot that movie lovers crave. Industry executives rely on other businesses to make their success happen. One of the major success factors is taking care of the actors and crew when few resources exist.

That’s why you often see Porta Potty Service on set, well, sort of. We have provided bathroom trailer rentals to major movie producers, tv show creators, and commercial makers over the last ten years. We have developed a stellar reputation for providing top-notch restroom amenities and service. Our bathroom trailer rentals are also luxuriously built with the sole purpose of comfort and functionality in mind.

Why Are Movie and Video Production Crews Leaving Hollywood?

Last year, motion picture and video production in the United States exceeded 100 billion in revenue. As a result, U.S. states have looked for ways to attract that business away from Hollywood. With some states now incentivizing local film and video production to attract revenue opportunities, more motion picture and video production crews will require more exclusive services from sanitation service providers.

From the development stage to pre-production and post-production, most movie and tv sets employ, on average, about 275 crew members. Larger productions like Avengers Infinity War had about 4,500 crew members, while Iron Man 3 had over 3,500. While budgeting can greatly affect crew members’ status, it also must consider their well-being when filming is extended over many months.

So, which company do film executives turn to for portable bathroom trailers? Porta Potty Service, of course, is the go-to source for the best designs, models, and sizes in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. From a small crew to tens of thousands, we can service any type of production requirement, including providing enough resources to ensure everyone can work comfortably, from the actors to the crew.

Without a reasonable number of bathrooms across multiple set locations, it would be incredibly difficult to film anything without multiple disruptions. It would also cause major delays waiting for crew members waiting in long lines, so having larger-sized bathroom trailers with up to ten stalls will ensure every aspect of a production set runs without any hassles, disruptions, or delays.

When hundreds of people are on set, the movie executives should provide proper bathroom accessibility and cleanliness. They also want a portable bathroom company that can deliver. Production crews know first-hand from experience with Porta Potty Service’s portable bathroom trailers that have facilities on location and are accessible is the most straightforward sanitation solution.

If your motion picture or video production company is looking for sanitation service solutions and want to learn how we can assist you, please call 877-240-4411.

Porta Potty Service has the most exclusive portable bathroom trailers around, and we will be glad to show you why we are the top-rated sanitation service provider here.