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Organizing the wedding flawlessly is the toughest job, when organized at outdoor place it more difficulty. Restroom arrangements have quite importance for occasion celebrations and for other purposes as well.

Restroom Trailer Rentals

Restroom Trailer Rentals

03/04/2023 19:39:08

Will Future Technology Improve the Experience Of Using a Restroom?

In the world of needing to use a bathroom outside at parks and Construction sites, companies like Porta Potty Service has devised a great way to make sure portable restrooms are clean and accessible.

Typically some staff person at a park or at a construction site is responsible for checking on the status of the portable restrooms.  If the restroom needs cleaning, they place a service call.  Smartphones now play a role in making it easier for the staff to call in for an unscheduled cleaning, vastly improving the ‘user’ experience.

Future Technology (IoT)

Instead of digging into the technical backend integration to support the improved service, let us take a moment and envision what future technologies, like The Internet of Things, will do for our outdoor restroom experiences.

Sensor to measure odor levels

Near Field Communications (NFR) telling people where the closest ‘stop’ is located

Sensors to measure and report status

Users (or Porta Potty) report maintenance needs

Data collected about usage, frequency, and time

Imagine this: a restroom recognizes that it is full, requests a service call, and then changes it visual status to either direct people to a different location or place itself into maintenance mode.

6 Best Field Service Apps

Scoop MAE enables field data collection for reporting safety issues via a mobile device

SmartBidNet is a tool for managing vendor relations

Pitcu Guage allows you to calculate the size and slope of a roof

iBluePrint helps to develop custom floor plans

PunchLists compiles photos and notes into layouts for emailing or storing

Construction Master Pro is an advanced calculator for measurements and conversions

A Better World

The fun thing about discussing the topic of combining technology with a simple restroom is it is something we have all experienced and will all appreciate the continued advancements and improvements companies like Porta Potty Service are making on our behalf.   

Let me know of thoughts in the comment section below.

Learn how the Internet of Things is revolutionizing other sectors like healthcare.

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