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Organizing the wedding flawlessly is the toughest job, when organized at outdoor place it more difficulty. Restroom arrangements have quite importance for occasion celebrations and for other purposes as well.

Porta Potty Service

Porta Potty Service

12/04/2023 16:44:27

Winters and Portable Toilet Rentals – The Best Combination

Most people associate portable toilet rentals with summer weather and outdoor events. However, portable toilets are used all year round and at events where snow-laden consumers are in abundance. They are also commonly found at winter construction sites where workers rely on such services being accessible during short breaks. Here are a few tips for making portable toilets comfortable during chilly temperatures.

Proper Upkeep:

As Portable Toilets have sewage lines, freezing can be problematic when temperatures dip below freezing. That is why portable toilets are serviced regularly with an anti-freeze disinfectant (the blue liquid) to prevent freezing and overcome winter challenges. Having your portable toilet rentals serviced regularly will reduce the likelihood of freezing while providing a clean and tidy atmosphere for restroom users.

Location of Portable Toilet Rentals

Some people assume that since they are dealing with sewage, portable toilet rentals should be placed as far away as possible. This is a big mistake because users will have to walk a long way to reach the units, while those with limited time will waste much of it traveling to and from the area. Portable toilets have holding tanks, so they don’t smell. You can place them anywhere to make them convenient for your guests.

Placing your portable toilets in an open space will ensure the sun naturally warms them. As snow and ice may also be problematic, you should prepare the area for your portable toilet rental delivery by placing salt around the area so that visitors can safely walk without falling. You might opt for a tent or covering to ensure snow does not build up. If you have an indoor area, you could alternatively place them inside.

If your event is in an area where wind may be a factor, you’ll also want to ensure the placement is in spots that prevent tipping. Placing them next to structures such as a building, a fence, or a natural incline will ensure that the portable units are shielded from the wind. You might also want to consider bathroom trailer rentals if the wind is a major problem as the structures are grounded, larger, and wind speed proof.

Cold weather temperatures will also be a factor. You may place a small portable heater inside the units to keep them warm. The heat will make visitors feel more comfortable using an outdoor restroom and ensure the air remains heated throughout the day. Portable toilet rentals are also excellent retainers of heat, so you won’t have to waste a lot of energy while employees or guests use them.

Porta Potty Service will set up portable toilet rentals, so these are things we can advise you on if you are undecided on how best to beat the winter weather. PPS also offers maintenance services to our clients so that issues like upkeep, maintenance, or freezing do not affect the ultimate reason you need our services. Finally, as we have a decade of experience, let us know any problems you anticipate so we can offer simple solutions.

Porta Potty Service is the best choice to suffice your temporary restroom need quickly yet in a comfortable way. In addition, the rental process is customer-friendly; thus, you will not encounter any problems in selecting the type of the unit and place your order without any pauses in between.

You can reach our customer care executive at 877-240-4411 to plan your restroom arrangement for both short-term and long-term needs. Also, you can request a quick quote to get the instant price estimation on the selected unit Porta Potty Service