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ADA Compliant Portable Toilet

Porta Potty Service is specialized in offering ADA compliant portable toilet units on rent in most states of the United States. Complying with Americans with Disabilities Act, these ADA compliant portable toilets are specially designed to make them accessible by physically challenged people. There are quite many additional features than a standard portable toilet in an ADA compliant portable toilet unit. Starting with extra cabin space till the handlebar all around the cabin, an ADA compliant portable toilet from Porta Potty Service enables a physically challenged person to use restroom outdoors with ease.

The ADA compliant portable toilets are not just for physically challenged people but also for children who still are unable to use restrooms on their own. The extra cabin space in these toilet units facilitates parents to assist children during their toileting bouts.

With ADA compliant portable toilets at outdoor events, the physically challenged and also children can doubtlessly attend all the events without the worry of sanitation and their inaccessibility to it.

The handlebar all along the inner wall of cabin will enable wheel chaired people to access the toilet with ease. Comparatively, these units are larger in volume on the whole. Dimensions of this ADA Complaint Portable Toilet are 7′-8′ wide x 7′-8′ long x 7′-8′ high.

For children and people in wheelchairs, it becomes difficult to use water for cleaning purpose. Keeping this in mind, dry sanitizers are kept in for usage within these ADA compliant portable toilet units. Also unlike the normal portable restrooms where the door locks are usually on top of the doors, there will be a magnetic knob which closes upon nearing the fulcrum and can be easily opened upon pulling gently, yet only from inside the cabin.

All these features collectively make these units declarative of “Accessible by Physically Challenged & Disabled”.

Porta Potty Service has the ADA compliant portable toilets in abundance with it and can be rented out instantly upon placing a quote. Rental prices are very economical and reasonable with us and grant great comfort and ease to the targeted users

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