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Standalone Portable Sink Station

Porta Potty Service reminds you that you shouldn’t forget about sink stations at your event to facilitate your guests with clean and hygienic hand wash experience. It is because food is served at your event, indeed some delicious food, but the whole mood might go wrong with bad hand wash facilities. It is not just uneasiness but also dismay to your guests that you aren’t civilized enough to arrange sink stations.

The standalone portable sink station units at Porta Potty Service are available in different sizes i.e. two sized sinks and four sized sinks. These sinks come together as a bunch and can accommodate four guests at your event washing their hands at one point in time. This not just minimizes the cue waiting for hand wash deed but also promotes hygiene at your event.

The facilities that Porta Potty Service offers with its standalone portable sink stations are the pedal pump to pump in fresh water to rinse hands. The pedal pump is affixed at the foot of the sink and a gentle press can release fresh water into the commode on the sink. The grey water discharged will be held up in a water holding tank.

On top of the fresh water pedal pump and grey water collecting holding tank, there will be paper napkins and liquid soap dispensers placed at each sink for the utility by guests at your event.

Porta Potty Service is not just offering the standalone portable sink stations but is offering them for absolutely reasonable and economical rental costs. The two sized and four sized portable sink stations arrive at your event for minimal rental costs guaranteed by Porta Potty Service.

Talking of quality, the portable sinks offered by us are manufactured of highly qualified High Density Poly Ethylene which withstands any sort of rinsing with all types of fluids. This makes these sink stations more durable and qualified when compared to others

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