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Large Holding Tank

People talk eloquently about portable toilets, mobile restrooms but everybody seems to omit water holding tanks from their thoughts. Large water holding tanks by Porta Potty Service are of great help at an outdoor event. Be it a portable restroom or a restroom trailer or a mobile shower trailer or a standalone portable sink, the regular inflow and outflow of fresh and grey waters are regulated by these large water holding tanks at any outdoor event. Porta Potty Service water rents out holding tanks that come in various sizes. Depending on the size of your event, our experts will rightfully guide you to choose from an array of these tanks varying in seize.

The water holding tanks at Porta Potty Service are available in various sizes and these are based on volumes of water they can contain at one point in time. Tanks of water holding capacity like 150 gallons, 250 gallons, 500 gallons and utmost 1000 gallons are available with us to be readily rented out by you for all your outdoor events.

The water holding tanks can be used to contain fresh water as well as grey water. That is why these tanks are responsible for the regulation of water at any outdoor event for all sanitary purposes.

It is okay for the quality of these tanks to be ordinary when they are meant to contain fresh water but the real problem is when they contain grey water. The discharged grey water is a mixture of various fluids with different acidic properties, some with a capacity to disintegrate the poly ethylene made containers as well. Porta Potty Service gives you the assurance of durability with its water holding tanks as they are made of High Density Poly Ethylene which can cope up with all types of rinsed fluids.

The rental costs of these large water holding tanks depends on their size but with Porta Potty Service, you can be assured you’ll be charged with the most reasonable rental price. Such large water holding containers offered in so many varieties at such competitive rental costs made the containers one of the fast moving sanitary amenities at Porta Potty Service.

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