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Mobile Shower Trailer

At huge events with humungous crowds as attendees which last for days, nothing comes more useful than mobile shower trailers from Porta Potty Service. Mobile shower trailers offered by Porta Potty Service are greatly useful in accommodating bunch of people at one point in time for all their toileting needs, including shower. As the name says it all, these shower trailers are exclusively meant for providing shower facility to the guests at your events, especially when yours is an outdoor event and which lasts for more than a day. Not just shower booths but also other facilities like a common sink which is affixed to the interior of the shower trailer alongside the petty amenities like paper napkin, liquid soap dispenser and toilet paper are available.

The mobile shower trailers have distinct water holding capacity as this is because of separately dedicated fresh and grey water holding tanks connected to the trailers. The mobile shower trailers with Porta Potty Service can hold fresh water for shower purposes up to 250 gallons. They can also hold waste water up to 800 gallons collected from each shower booth. The reason why the mobile shower trailer should be deployed at a maximum distance of 25 feet from the local fresh water supply is that fresh water should be supplied to the trailer.

The interiors of the shower trailers are very modern, quality so high and facilities so comfortable that one will never feel like he is in a portable restroom. Unlike other portable trailers, the ones offered by us are not fragile and do not quiver. They are solid and provide amazing shower experience to your guests at your outdoor event.

Coming to the rental prices, you will be very affordably charged as Porta Potty Service boasts in the most economical rental prices it offers to all its customers. Amazing quality, excellent comfort and fine shower experience are ensured by Porta Potty Service at very reasonable rental costs.

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